Why Movies2U?

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Premium Equipment Equals Premium Experience!

Movies2U screens are SILENT

  • Unlike our competitors Epic screens have welded and airtight seams that hold their inflation for days. This eliminates the need for constant air and more importantly for you it eliminates the distracting background groan of an air blower. Watch our short video to learn more.

Movies2U screens are STRONG

  • With air not constantly escaping through sewn pores Epic screens remain taut and are noticeably firmer than our competitor’s screens, thus making them more impervious to winds.

Movies2U screens are SLEEK and VERSATILE

  • The support frame on an Epic screen is half the diameter of our competitors making them more attractive (i.e. it eliminates the big black inner tube around your movie screen). The smaller frame also allows Epic screens to be more easily maneuvered and versatile.

Movies2U screens are WIDESCREEN

  • Unlike many of our competitors, Epic screens are true HD 16X9 aspect ration and not 4X3.

Movies2U speakers deliver PREMIUM SOUND

  • Our top of the line RCF- ART-A speakers boast a 1400W amp platform that provides premium sound clarity and projection.

Movies2U projectors are HIGH DEFINITION

  • Our high-powered EIKI-LC WBS500 projectors deliver 1080p video quality at 5100 lumens. This means you get a great picture on our great screens


  • Our trained technicians are punctual and professional. Our technician will arrive early, set-up, operate, and take down the screen. We come prepared with everything you’ll need and backups. We pride ourselves in having exceptional people deliver our exceptional product. Watch our short video to learn more.

Our Set Up Process: The WOW Experience: