Why choose Movies2U over other companies?
Movies2U serves the greater Kansas City area delivering crystal clear projection and superior quality audio on industry leader Epic Outdoor Cinema’s cutting edge inflatable screens. Whether large venue event or private party Movies2U’s professional technicians will assure you have an exceptional experience. Watch our video to learn more.

How much does it cost to have an event?
There are several factors that determine the price for your event. See our Pricing page for more information.

What happens if it rains?
Movies2U always plans ahead. We carry smaller screens that we can quickly set up inside your venue in the event of inclement weather. Or we can reschedule your event to a different day.

Will the screen blow over?
Even our largest screen is capable of withstanding up to 25mph winds. All screens are fixed by weights or staked into the ground using metal stakes. We maintain a safe “No Go Zone” around our equipment.

What is the set-up/breakdown time for each event?
Our set-up and breakdown times vary depending on the client needs. Watch our video to see the process firsthand.

What are the power requirements?
Movies2U requires at least 2 standard 15 or 20 amp circuits depending on the outdoor movie screen and system size.

Can I show something other than a movie?
Of course! Some of the most memorable events Movies2U host include video gaming parties, watching professional sporting events (book early!) and even concerts.

Does Movies2U offer popcorn?
Yes, and it’s delicious! Pricing is $75 for up to 50 guests. For over 50 guests, call for pricing.

Do I have to get a license to show a movie?
This is a great question. Our answer is almost always,  “Yes!” The good news is that obtaining a Public Performance License is a fairly simple process. Unless you are viewing your movie at your own home with family or a close circle of friends, you need a Public Performance License.  These are the two main licensing companies that represent different studios.  Their representatives are extremely helpful and are there to help you make sure you are able to legally view your movie.  We are also more than happy to help you with any of your film licensing questions!

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